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The story of how potato chips first appeared on the American snacking scene in 1853 is almost legendary in today’s society. American Chef George Speck fried up some very thinly cut potatoes for a diner who’d complained that his fries were too thick.  The customer was delighted by Specks new creation, and thus, the potato chip was born!  A story many do not know, however, is that of another American named Alexander Liepa.   In the 1960’s Liepa, who was employed by the US Army at the time, invented a potato chip that was made from potato flakes and could therefore be made to take different shapes.  In 1968, Procter & Gamble eagerly embraced Liepa’s chip making technique from which emerged a new product that we now know as Pringles and has revolutionized snack time across the nation.

Proctor and Gamble’s Pringles have satisfied millions of consumers through the years and now offer flavors that range from the classic Original to Tangy BBQ, to Jalapeño, Sour Cream and Onion, Loaded Baked Potato, Cheddar Cheese, Pizza, Ranch, Bacon-Ranch, Honey Mustard, Salt and Vinegar…you name it.

And that’s not all! It just so happens that the makers of Pringles have a soft spot in their heart for those individuals determined to stick with their new years resolutions and cut back on extra calories. Low-fat options like Reduced Fat, Light (fat free), and 100 calorie Pringles are available that provide consumers with a healthier option that has the same delicious taste.

Supermarkets offer countless cheaper, knock off Pringle-esque products, but when it comes to obtaining your favorite saddle shaped snack, this is one instance when the cost of the real deal is worth it by far!  But is that it? Is it truly impossible to obtain top-notch snacks without paying an extra price? The answer is no! Pringles coupons are great to offset the cost that comes with purchasing this one-of-a-kind Potato Crisp snack.

But how does one find Pringles coupons? You can always search the mail for Pringles coupons sent in magazines or newspapers, but it doesn’t take a seasoned Sherlock to realize that generally supermarkets try to specialize in providing opportunities for savings on all your favorite snacks and products. Yes, this includes occasional Pringles coupons in supermarket ads. In fact, supermarkets are a great option for obtaining Pringles coupons. Odds are that they’ll be more likely to highlight products for savings. But even though supermarkets offer advertising mailers and the occasional in-store promotion, do yourself a favor.  Sit back, take a moment to pause and ask yourself… “Is this really my best option?”

Perhaps one of the best options for getting lower prices on delicious snacks is to find printable Pringles coupons. Internet coupons and online promotionals are more accessible, and often offer a larger range of product discounts than print publications. Consider using our free manufacturer coupon database for current coupon offers. After surfing the web for only a few moment, one can come across numerous Pringles coupons that offer as good if not better deals on Pringles than coupons distributed by the supermarket.

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