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During a Fall campout, a scoutmaster introduced my son and his friends to a Tim Tam Slam.  I ask you, have you ever heard of such a thing? My son tried explaining one to me, but I just couldn’t catch the vision.  For days my son begged me to include these Tim Tams on my weekly shopping list.  Of course not sure of what I was looking for, I mainly scoured the candy and foreign food isle, with just a quick glance through the cookie and cracker shelves coming up empty handed each time.  So when my son recently came home from a scout activity declaring that his leader had seen Tim Tams in our local grocery store on a display across from the dairy case, I had some hope of finding the elusive Tim Tams.  Sure enough they were there, and manufactured by a company that I should have known would produce such a unique cookie - Pepperidge Farm.


I enthusiastically brought home two packages of Pepperidge Farm Tim Tams and have since learned that a Tim Tam Slam involves biting the opposite ends off the cookie and then sucking hot chocolate through the cookie like you would with a straw. When the cookie is sufficiently saturated, you tip your head back, suck the cookie into your mouth, and let the whole thing dissolve.   It is pure chocolate bliss at its best.  The next time my son asks me to gather the ingredients necessary for a Tim Tam Slam, I will be sure to find some Pepperidge Farm coupons before heading off to the grocery store.

I have learned from first hand experience that Pepperidge Farm products are irresistible.  Pepperidge Farm bakers are passionate about what they do and specialize in creating unique and definitely not your everyday run of the mill treats.  Lusciously, rich cookies that melt in your mouth and leave your taste buds screaming for more include the Milano, Bordeaux, Chessmen, Geneva, Montieri, Tahiti, Verona and Pirouette cookies.  Even their names sound as delightful as they taste.  The distinctive Pepperidge Farm crackers are ideal for snacking and entertaining. Pepperidge Farms even offers breakfast breads, English muffins, bagels, and frozen breads you can warm and serve bringing the essence of fresh baked bread into your kitchen.   Heavenly frozen cakes along with puff pastry and turnover dough ready for your own dessert creations are the perfect finish to any meal.


While certain seasons of the year may result in a great many more Pepperidge Farm coupons than others — particularly before holidays are popular times for specials — generally, you can find free printable Pepperidge Farm coupons throughout the year, especially when accessing our free manufacturer coupon database. Also, whenever Pepperidge Farms introduces a newer creation, they may offer coupons to encourage shoppers to give their debut product a taste test. Consider following an e-mail newsletter that sends Pepperidge Farm coupons directly to your inbox, and visit the manufacturer’s website where there are often additional promotions and coupons.