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Have you ever tried making a pie from scratch? Once in a while, you may get that urge to pull out the rolling pin and mix a little flour, shortening, salt, and ice cold water to prepare a flaky pastry crust like your mother or grandmother did. This time consuming labor of love is well worth the effort, but with our ever so busy packed schedules, most of us can not spare the time. Thank goodness Marie Callender came onto the scene as early as 1948 when she and her family began making and delivering homemade pies to Southern California restaurants. As her popularity grew, Marie Callender decided to open her own restaurant, which in turn spread to many restaurants across the United States. Today convenient, affordable Marie Callender’s pies are still around to save the day. Smart consumers know how to save money as well as time when in the kitchen by finding and using free Marie Callender’s coupons.

Most of us have fond memories of the delicious pies so often served during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. Pies with intricately laced crusts, evenly crimped and fluted edges, perfect mound shapes, and scrumptious fillings were wonderful for the eye to behold and the taste buds to savor. Perhaps you were fortunate to have a grandmother, aunt, or mother who skillfully crafted homemade pies. Maybe you lived close to a Marie Callender’s restaurant and had the luxury of enjoying one of the 30 + freshly baked cream, fruit, meringue, or no sugar added pies. Luckily consumers nationwide have access to fresh, delicious restaurant quality pies by visiting the freezer case in your favorite grocery store. Marie Callender’s pies, in an assortment of flavors, grace the freezer shelves. Some available pies include Banana Cream, Cherry Crunch, Chocolate Satin, Coconut Cream, Dutch Apple, Chocolate Cream, Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin, Pecan, and Razzleberry all of which can be baked or defrosted in about an hour’s time.


While certain seasons of the year are likely to result in a great many more printable Marie Callender’s coupons than others—before holidays are particularly popular times for specials that allow you to stock up the freezer—generally, you may find Marie Callender’s coupons or promotions throughout the year. Here at Grocery Tips 101, you can access our free manufacturer coupon database for current coupon offers. Always be on the lookout for greater savings opportunities by using your Marie Callender’s coupons when individual stores are offering Marie Callender’s products at an advertized reduced price or as a non advertized in store special. Often you can find Marie Callender’s pies on sell for as little as $3.99 per pie. This low price, combined with any coupons you might have, will allow you to possibly double or triple your savings. This is definitely the time to stock up because you can’t even make a pie from scratch for that price.


One of the biggest benefits of using free Marie Callender’s coupons is that they are available for use on many types of foods. Besides pies, Marie Callender’s offer chicken and beef pot pies, entrees such as beef and broccoli, beef tips, country fried beef, pork, and chicken, chicken and shrimp parmesan, fettuccini alfredo, lasagna, fried chicken, roasted chicken BBQ chicken, chicken fajitas, sesame chicken, tortellini, salisbury steak, shrimp scampi, Swedish meatballs, and sweet and sour chicken to name a few. It’s so easy to have those homemade treats and meals in a matter of minutes thanks to money saving coupons from Marie Callender’s.