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One of our favorite places in any supermarket is the baking and breakfast food isle. The choice of ingredients just waiting to be combined into freshly baked goodies or a piping hot breakfast foods is enough to make even the hesitant cook tingle with excitement. Besides the raw ingredients available for the die hard among us who delight in making things from scratch, we quite like the many convenience products that save time and taste great.  One time saving brand we especially recommend is Krusteaz.  What started out as a company offering a quick and easy pie crust mix, (Krusteaz = “crust” + “ease”) Krusteaz soon came to realize that there was a demand for many baking and breakfast mixes that could be prepared in minutes and deliver impressive results.  Smart coupon users will collect and use Krusteaz coupons so convenient Krusteaz mixes can more affordably be incorporated into their home baking stash.

Krusteaz is famous for their pancake mixes that are served at many fund raisers, campouts, and as a family breakfast staple.  Pancake mix varieties include buttermilk, blueberry, apple spice, original, wheat and honey, chocolate chip, low fat oat bran, and fat free buttermilk.  Instructions are included so the mixes can also be used to make waffles, or you may pick up a box of Belgian waffle mix made specifically for light and luscious waffles.


Everyone loves homemade cookies no matter what time of the day or whatever the occasion may be.  Bakery style cookies can be produced in our own home thanks to the new bakery style cookie mixes in sugar, snicker doodle, chocolate chunk, peanut butter, and oatmeal flavors.  If you are in need of a quick gift to brighten the day of another, think cookies.


For the muffin and quick bread lover, Krusteaz provides wild blueberry, orange cranberry, almond poppy seed, lemon blueberry, apple cinnamon, banana, oat bran, chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, corn bread and cinnamon crumb cake.  They work well for any meal or as a quick pick-me-up snack.


Tantalizing brownie and dessert mixes such as classic pound cake, lemon bars, key lime bars, pecan bars, raspberry bars, apple crisp, berry cobbler, peach cobbler, rich fudge brownies, and gingerbread cake and cookie mix can be the perfect finishing touch to your mealtime or as a desert for many special occasions.


Bread lovers can rejoice in the Italian herb, sourdough, honey wheat berry, cracked wheat, country white, and cinnamon raisin bread mixes that will have you producing warm, fresh bread from your oven in no time.


In the past, your first step to finding Krusteaz coupons has probably included breezing through those free coupon mailers that appear in the Sunday newspaper coupon section or occasionally in your mailbox.  However, may we suggest using printable Krusteaz coupons that can be downloaded for free on your personal computer by using our free manufacturer coupon database.   Also, keep an eye out for your local supermarket grocery mailers that generally arrive with Tuesday’s mail.   Now, not all grocery stores put out these mailers any more, so you can’t rely solely on them, but they are generally a decent form of advertising. You could also try subscribing to an e-mail newsletter or visiting the manufacture’s website to get a complete review of any Krusteaz coupons to be had.  But for those of you looking for a quick and simple answer, an online search is probably your best bet. With an online search using our manufacturer database, you can quickly determine whether the free Krusteaz coupons you want are there or not. If you haven’t found them in a few minutes of searching, they probably don’t exist.


While certain seasons of the year may result in a great many more Krusteaz coupons than others — particularly before holidays are popular times for specials — generally, you can find free Krusteaz coupons throughout the year. Also, whenever Krusteaz introduces a newer product, they may offer coupons to encourage shoppers to give their debut product a taste test. As a reminder, never pay money for coupons.  You should never have to pay more to save.


There is nothing quite like sitting down to fresh, home baked goodies.   And nothing makes your home smell more heavenly.  So go ahead and indulge. Thanks to Krusteaz, you now have the ability and the time.